Today, I was wondering, what could Alucard's hand symbol mean, and I spent the whole day searching about it, but nothing.
I need full information about this?

enter image description here


enter image description here

This fictional pentagram is the seal of the Hellsing family. The pentagram on the back of Alucard's (a hellsing character) glove is inscribed: "Hellsing - Hell's Gate arrested - Gott Mit Uns (God With Us) - And shine heaven now." The runes are written in the Trithemian (Thebean) alphabet, and the other symbols are a combination of Japanese, Kanji (or, Chinese), and alchemist symbols.

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Two of the five symbols in center, are alchemist symbols. I`m able to recognize symbols for Uranus and Neptune (Neptunus). The other symbols are coming from Japanese (Katakana or Hiragana or Kanji), or Chinese alphabet, but meaning of those symbols exceeds my knowledge, and maybe they are modified to some extension.

I can`t say with 100% accuracy, but since Uranus and Neptune represent the symbols for Sky/Air (Uranus God of Sky) and Water (Neptune God of Water) the other represent other elements (fire,earth,metal), bottom one highly resembles Japanese kanji symbol for fire.

Translated runes from Thebean script (alphabet), after some corrections should go like this: Translation


You got 2 pentagrams in the center, symbolising most probably his duality, since he is evil but hunts evil beings.

Near the triangles, you see 5 symbols, with represents in a way or another the pentagram. The "PSI" sign can be linked to the spirit, psychē (meaning “breath, principle of life, life, soul,”. As a deduction, the rest are also symbols of the elements.

In the inner circle you see Hellsing, the name of the organisation, and since he is part of it, it has blesses and values "Gott mitt uns"(God with us), "Shine heaven now"(their "value").

Outer circle are some runes i have no idea about, and below, it's 812, which I think it's Gematria code, in which 812 can be calculated from: (commit to antichrist, i am archangel azrael, satanist pastor,narcissistic beasts etc.)

Above the number, it can be the layers of the organisation. In old times, they had stacking signs to explain a person's worth (we still have them in police or military).

Everything is just a personal opinion and might be false. Take it with a grain of salt :)

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