I am the curator of an exhibition on Easter Island in popular culture (http://www.moaiculture.com) and I am trying to track down a few missing items. If you can assist we will acknowledge you in the exhibition. There is a specific issue of 'Let's Go!! Love Summer', which appears to be out of print. Does anywhere know where I can read a copy online or purchase from a seller. Best - Ian

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This appears to be the cover of a fanbook for Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, an anime and light novel series. The back cover specifically names the Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! sequel to the original anime, so content may be specific to that part of the series. (As I am unfamiliar with the series and also no access to the actual pages, I do not know for sure.) The title "Let's Go!! Love Summer" is a reference to a character song in the anime.

Unfortunately, the fanbook appears to be out of stock, judging from a Google Translate copy of the webpage. It is possible that someone might resell it somewhere, but I am not an expert on where to locate such sales.

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