As the title said, does Naruto know that there is a curse mark on Boruto's hand after the battle against Momoshiki Otsutsuki?

*Any spoiler is allowed but remember put a spoiler tag.


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Yes, Naruto does know that Boruto has the Kāma seal.

Naruto at this point definitely knows about the Karma mark on Boruto. He also knows it is on Kawaki and has them train together causing their marks to resonate with each other in an attempt to learn more about it. (emphasis mine)

This point is also proven respectively in the manga, during Naruto and Boruto's Shinobi Hand-to-Hand Combat:

enter image description here

Considering Boruto using it right in front of Naruto, as well as him being able to identify it's name, he obviously knows Boruto has it.


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