In episode 9, there are these three references I didn't get:

  • The first one is around minute 5, when Tomoko goes to see Yuu-chan at her uncle's café. She sees the names of two cakes ("Tarte Chiboust au Caramel" and "Bijou des Rois"), and then says this:

    "It's so different from Fu**ya or Co** **ner"

  • The second is around minute 15, when Tomoko is cleaning her stuff up. She wonders why her brother is trying to be better than her at everything, then says the following:

    "Who is he, Kenshi***?"

    She then says "I'm gonna make him cry for this."

  • The third one is around minute 17, when Tomoko is cleaning her stuff up and finds the cicada shells. She remembers why they were there, says "A memory best left forgotten", and then:

    "Only Shoko**n would want these anyway."

What do these three different situations refer to?

  1. Fujiya (不二家) and Ginza Cozy Corner (銀座コージーコーナー), Japanese pastry/cake shop franchises
  2. Kenshiro, from Fist of the North Star, for the Big Dipper
  3. Shoko-tan, for her cicada-based fashion

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