In manga #83 it is mentioned that

Nezuko's regeneration speed matches that of an upper moon, and later it's mentioned that it surpasses the regeneration speed of one of the upper moons

Also, Nezuko has shown to be stronger than an average demon before, when she kicked those strong demon balls for example. Why is Nesuko stronger than regular demons, considering she neither has martial art skills, nor consume humans to get stronger?


It was referenced by several demons (starting with three-horned demon with clones), that she seems to be strong due to amount and quality of demon blood she was injected with to be turned into a demon. Other possible reasons were not specified so far.


@lentinant already mentioned one of the reasons why Nesuko is stronger than other demons because she is able to survive after taking a lot of blood from Muzan Kibutsuji.

Muzan Kibutsuji may be tried to kill by exploding her after injecting a lot of his blood into her veins but maybe somehow she able to survive with that much of the blood that makes her powerful demon.

One of the episode we say Muzan Kibutsuji frighten of Nesuko father when he found the same ring and scar on the face of Tanjiro

apart from that, I will say her father was a demon slayer too maybe he was researching to protect human from becoming a demon. he able to create a vaccine with which a human can control his will after becoming a demon too. he injected his family with the vaccine because he knew Muzan Kibutsuji will come after him & his family in future. there may be some limitations on a vaccine like it should be injected before becoming a demon.

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