In the Great Ninja War, we can see that Minato can easily access Bijuu mode because Yin Kurama is willing to let Minato use it, but as for Naruto, Yang Kurama takes a long progression to let Naruto use his power.

So, does this say that Yin and Yang Kurama's personalities are totally different?

I can see that Yin Kurama's attitude is more likely to be gentle and Yang Kurama's is fierce (in the beginning, we know that Kurama becomes friendly towards the end of the Great Ninja War).

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    Minato was already a strong shinobi to begin with when he split and locked Kurama inside of himself and Naruto. Minato had a better opportunity to win over Yin's trust quickly/more easily, as we see Naruto eventually do with Yang. Naruto was not aware of Kurama inside of him until his teens, then it only took him a few years (and lots of training) to gain Kurama's trust and control over Bijuu mode. – Remy Lebeau Sep 17 '19 at 15:03

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