I assume that you guys have already watch Your Name this fabulous movie that directed by Makoto Shinkai. Recently there's a movie which also directed by Makoto Shinkai and the movie also seems like kinda related to Your Name.


In the film Weathering with You, there are two character from Your Name appear in this film. One is Mitsuha another is Taki.

So we know that in the film Your Name, there is a comet piece going to crash on Earth which destroy Itomori city. So my question is does the people who live in Weathering with You know the comet incident?

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I don't think there's ever been official confirmation that those characters appearing is anything more than a cameo, so it isn't even clear whether the meteor incident occurred in Weathering With You. (As I recall, there was never a clear view of the region of Japan where it happened to show whether or not there's a crater.)

That said, if they did occur in the same universe then people would have remembered it - it was a fairly major event that destroyed an entire town - but it could well be something that has already faded from most people's minds because it wasn't a cause of many deaths.

Since, if Mizuha is living in Tokyo, then this must take place in the timeline where they managed to bring everyone to the school before the impact.

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