So in Dragon Ball Super manga #51 shows that Moro is stronger than a Goku SSJ3. And later in manga #52 he goes with Goku to the time chamber to train, having Goku the intention to train with him to be able to awaken Ultra Instinct again. So if Merus is strong enough as for being a sparring of Goku, why didnt he join Goku, Vegeta and Buu to fight Moro?

  • It seems that Meerus has a great reason for hiding his true power. Whatever that reason is, doesn't matter at this point. Perhaps he doesn't want high levels (like Beerus / Supreme Kai / etc) finding out about him. Since allegedly Beerus / Supreme Kai searched their universe for the strongest fighters during TOP and concluded that Goku was the best (aside from the Monaku joke), but Meerus is actually better than Goku, means that they do not know Meerus exists or is as powerful as he really is. – Eric F Nov 8 at 20:40

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