During the Pompa Sancta Parade in Nautilus in Chapter 8 we see a number of familiar Final Fantasy Summons.

  • Carbuncle comes out from the disk Vanille is holding
  • the "Pulse l'Cie" summons Ifrit
  • the "Cocoon l'Cie" summons Ramuh

when the "Pulse l'Cie" Transforms into Ragnarok we see the "Cocoon l'Cie" summon or transform into something aswell to fight it. though i'm not sure what it is and wouldn't put it past the game to have made up something new (like with Vanille's and Sazh's Eidolon).

So i am wondering what was it the "Cocoon l'Cie" summoned against Ragnarok in the Pompa Sancta Parade?

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During the parade, Cocoon l'Cie transformed into Valefor

A recreation of Valefor appears at Nautilus's Pompa Sancta parade. In the play, the Cocoon l'Cie transforms into it to face Ragnarok

Valefor's first appearance as a summon was Final Fantasy X.

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