Senku's father Byakuya was one of the few people who survived. While all of the couples were shown to have offspring, it wasn't explicitly shown that Byakuya and Lillian had children, too.

It might be because of the drawing style, but Kohaku and Ruri do seem to have a very similar appearance as Lillian (although thousands of years have already passed...).

So, is it known or at least hinted that they did have offspring?


Heavy manga spoilers ahead read at your own risk:

In manga ch 45, Kohaku asks if they are related to which Senku answers
that he and Byakuya are NOT blood related BUT they (he and the villagers)
are hundreds of generations apart so it doesn't matter.
Yes they had children, no they are not related to Senku.
(Note that they don't specifically show that Byakuya and Lillian were together but
there was the already married couple and they showed Connie and Shamil getting married so most
probably Byakuya ended up with Lillian)

  • The things you've mentioned don't seem to provide much support for that conclusion. Do you know any definite facts or hints which could support it e.g. from the manga or something the mangaka said? – Eti2d1 Oct 27 at 18:40

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