The Ultra Analysis stats give All for One perfect stats in everything, 6/6 S+ for power, speed, intelligence and technique, when All Might only has 6/6 S+ in power and speed, and 6/6 S in intelligence and technique. Is All for One more powerful than All Might?


I think one for all is stronger. Think of it like this: All for one is definitely weaker like all might. Supporting this fact is that he still hasn’t healed, and is wearing a life support mask. When they fought the first time he messed up All Mights stomach really bad. In the second fight, All for one only held him back with his hands. And when class A and class B we’re attacked on the camp site muscular lost to Midoriya with has one for all. When Midoriya passed by Spinner during the attack he claimed that muscular was the second or first strongest in the group. Dabi claims that Tomura was weak for sending a bunch of rookie villains and that Dabi brought a bunch of hard to defeat villians. So there fore I think one for all is stronger.


Depends, if you take the fact that All Might defeated All for One twice then no All for One is weaker but still All for One weakened All Might to the point where everyone knew his skinny form. But if you take their quirks againsts each other All for One can actually win (without protag power)

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