Is that me or Kyros has his second leg back when sleeping on the first page of chapter 794?

enter image description here


Looks its a mistake from the site you read One Piece, this is the picture from Viz Digital Colored, The official translation and release.

enter image description here

It shown Kyros only have one leg.

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  • It's a good point that I admittedly missed. But why would publishers subsequently ADD a leg? As far as I get it, Viz Digital is the official publisher for the US market. It released Vol. 79 on August 2, 2016. That is over a year after chapter 794 was first released in Weekly Shōnen Jump (week 29, 2015). Plenty of time to fix any obvious bug. Look closely at the picture you posted: the wood plank where the additional foot used to be drawn looks crudely modified. Same holds for the blanket that now looks awkwardly flat. – theSameTime yesterday
  • The thing is where did you read this chapter, i'm actually get the same result when i read one piece in other sites, Kyros only have one leg mangarock.com/manga/mrs-serie-183717/chapter/mrs-chapter-184512, ww5.readonepiece.com/chapter/one-piece-chapter-794 in these website they show kyros only have one leg just like viz. – Aditya 14 hours ago

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