In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 6, Stone Ocean,

it's revealed that Enrico Pucci removed Weather Report's memory so he couldn't use his Stand's full power. But if what Pucci feared was Weather's Stand, why didn't he take his Stand disc instead (or maybe both discs)? I remember that at some point someone (Emporio, I think) mentions that both Anasui and Weather had their Stands since birth, and that Whitesnake isn't able to remove a Stand disc in that case, but as we later see in a flashback Weather gets his Stand after Pucci is stabbed by the Arrow, apparently the same way Joseph and Jotaro got theirs after Dio got his own Stand with Jonathan's body. And Whitesnake was able to remove Star Platinum from Jotaro.

So why didn't Pucci take the Stand disc instead? It seems like it would have been the smartest move to make in order to eliminate the threat of that Stand. Is there an explanation for Pucci's actions explained in the manga or elsewhere, or is it just a plothole? Or am I confused about/forgetting something?

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