In Dragon Ball Super manga #55,

A Yardrat who's teaching Vegeta techniques, says he's faster than Goku

Is Goku supposed to be traveling to Yardrat often or something? How does a Yardrat know that Vegeta became faster than Goku?

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This is a mistranslation.

The official translation (found on Mangaplus, page 6) clearly says (in Elder Pybara's words) :

"Your spirit is now more polished than Goku's, and you managed it in no time."

Elder Pybara was comparing their respective trainings' duration. As stated within Dragon Ball Super (chapter 53, page 48), Goku spent 150 days meditating upon a training spire and Vegeta had to achieve comparable results in only 10 days. Elder Pybara's reaction clearly indicates that Vegeta did train quite faster.

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