In Episode 123 of the manga is revealed,

Pig god can't be hurt by firearms

We know other S Class heroes can't be hurt by firearms, such as Zombie man. But we see an S class rival as Garou in his first stage, someone who is capable to defeat the weakest S class heroes, having to divert a large amount of bullets from a gatling gun and having his hands bleeding from that. Is it known which S Class heroes can't be hurt by firearms, and if there is any who can be damaged by them?

  • The question is which S class hero can be hurt by fireguns without protecting himself or through the use of his abilities? Meaning that heroes like Kid Emperor could probably get one shoted by a firegun, but in reality he would fend himself using his machines. So which angle is the question refering to? – RigaCrypto Feb 6 at 7:51

The one hero that comes to mind is King. As mentioned here, King is actually weak. He has no special abilities whatsoever, aside from being a video game expert.

It is no overstatement to say that he is the weakest among all the heroes in the Hero Association. He's just a normal person and like any normal person, getting shot by firearms would severely hurt or incapacitate him, depending on the type or where he would be hit.

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