I was watching the Macross Saga and sometimes it seems implied in the dialogue Roy Fokker was the leader of the entire valkyrie squadron when other times it seems implied he was the leader of the skull squadron only and the other squadrons (blue, red, green, etc.) were acting independently. Also, sometimes the vermillion squadron seems to be under the command of the skull squadron (episode 10 IRRC when Roy Fokker intervenes the discussion between Rick/Hikaru and Lisa/Misa and orders the squadron to come back or episode 13 when the vermillion squadron is ordered by Roy Fokker to remain in the SDF 1 Macross because they just returned from a dangerous mission) and other times it seems they were acting independently (episode 8 for example when they were fighting in a distant sector alone, or episode 16, when they were ordered directed by Lisa/Misa and they were also fighting alone).

was Roy Fokker just the leader of the skull squadron or was he the leader of the entire valkyrie squadron?

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