Why did the Kaguya clan branch off from the Otsusuki clan? We know that Kaguya is from the Otsusuki clan but why did she formed a separate clan called "Kaguya" clan? Both the clans have same special power(kekkei genkai) so ideally both clans should be same so why did Kaguya chose to form another clan? What made her do so? My speculations(silly I guess!):

  • She gathered some people and said "well, let's make a clan together". If that's the case, Obito also gathered some people and made a army. So, that doesn't meant it should be called Obito clan?
  • She felt a little special and powerful and declared: "I am the progenitor of chakra and all of you shall bow down to me"
  • She had an argument with Isshiki Otsutsuki when they both came to Earth and ultimately splitted. (It has been confirmed). So she made a different clan.(??)

Since when does a clan be named from a person's name? Clans was always named from surnames(Uchiha, Hyuga etc.).

This question is not a duplicate of "How did the Kaguya clan come into existence?" as that was saying "how was the clan formed" and I am saying "why did the Kaguya clan formed in the first place?"

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