What song starts playing at 19:11 in Naruto episode 28 Eat or be Eaten: Panic in the forest???



While not an exact match, that is sounds like an unofficially released variation of the track Sneaking Nightmare (OST 3, Track 20). Here is another version of it as well.

  • Due note this is not a duplicate of What song plays at 19:10 in episode 28? The two questions had different sources. So while time is the same, they're asking about different tracks Feb 7 '20 at 18:23
  • As someone who doesn't have access to Naruto on Crunchyroll, could you edit the question to at least mention/describe the scene? Bonus if you could also edit the linked question to also describe the scene to clarify the non-duplicate.
    – Aki Tanaka
    Feb 7 '20 at 19:13
  • @AkiTanaka Sure, I can do that for this question shortly, but might be tricky for the other one. For now, I'll just say it here as reminder to myself and other to know. While the video in the linked question has been removed (due to being an illegal streaming site), the answer is different for the time stamp. The OST mentioned in the other answer does occur after the OST I answered with, so I made an educated guess that the time stamps between the sources are different scenes Feb 7 '20 at 19:29

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