In the episode of Naruto Shippuden where Naruto receive the power from Sage of the Six path, he did a lot of things like saving Guy from the eight gate after effects, Kakashi's eye, and extending life of Obito, He also mentioned to Sakura that he feels like he can do everything as of now.

Now as for Sasuke, I believe (at the very least in my own opinion) receive special Rinnegan. After sealing Kaguya, the marks on their palm gone, same goes for Naruto's ability to do those things. I believe they should/must be equal in terms of power, so I came up with a question, what did Sasuke loses after Kaguya's seal.


I'm up with an assumption. It's not really clear if Naruto lost his six paths ability, but if so, Sasuke also has some limitations on the usage of his rinnegan. His rinnegan has tomoes, and some state that it's a representation of it's charge. It doesn't seem to lose it's charge until he wields a no tomoe rinnegan in boruto series. So, his rinnegan must have lost it's ability to maintain it's charge.

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