In this clip from Dagashi Kashi the song starts at 0:15, and in this clip it starts at around 0:58. I tried searching for it but couldn't find it anywhere. Does anyone know the name of the song?

EDIT: Both clips are from season 2. First clip is from episode 12. The scene is at the start of the episode around 0:38. The second clip is from episode 4. And starts around 11:35 in that episode.

  • Sounds like some OST. You'll probably have to wait until the OST CD comes out. (A cursory search amazon jp only shows S1 material) – nabulator Mar 13 at 16:06

Fuyu no Ame is the first song, it is from the second season soundtrack.

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  • Please include relevant sources/references to support your answer. – W. Are Aug 26 at 11:56
  • the source is the second soundtrack and me listening to it, there is as such no official list giving a detailed breakdown of songs featured every episode. – Dagashilover Aug 31 at 4:31

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