Non Non Biyori is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Atto. The series is still ongoing until this day, it has anime adaption in 2013 and 2015. After maybe 7 years later since 2013, i don't understand what does Non Non Biyori mean. I have read all the 10 volumes but still didn't understand what does the title mean or ever explained.

Was it the only author know what the meaning of Non Non Biyori ? Or it's just some random word with no meaning at all ?

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While there's no official statement from the author, it's possibly a combination of nonbiri (のんびり, carefree) and hiyori* (ひより, 日和, fine weather), which can be interpreted as "fine weather (or fine days) to be carefree."

This is strengthened by the fact that:

  1. Outside of the manga/anime, there was also 「のんびりくえすと!」(Nonbiri Quest!) radio corner
  2. The ending theme was 「のんのん日和」 ("Non Non Biyori"; here, hiyori is read as biyori due to rendaku/sequential voicing)

From the lyric of the ending theme,

のんびりと歌うから のんきな風が吹いた

nonbiri to utau kara nonki na kaze ga fuita

it might even imply that Non Non Biyori is a combination of nonki (easygoing), nonbiri, and (h/b)iyori.

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