In the anime and manga Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, several large aircraft appear. I believe they are called 'バカガラス' (possible transliteration: Bakagalas). I plan to make 3D models of them, as it seems it hasn't been done.

Are there any schematic or good size comparisons for these?

  • N.T. Izumi has a Flickr album of Bakagalas model and its schematic. These images are copyrighted and I haven't asked the permission to reproduced on here, so I just put a link on here first... – Aki Tanaka Apr 7 at 4:13

It is apparently inspired by the German Aircraft Me323D-1. There are some schematics for a model of that here https://www.1999.co.jp/10548533

Google image search of "バカガラス 模型" brings up Japanese plastic models/drawings, if that helps.

The Japanese Wikipedia says there isn't any official documentation on the specific size of the plane, but a fan site (http://www.ghibli-freak.net/nausicaa/mecha.html) says it has an overall length of over 100 meters.

On a side note, someone made a real-life Nausicaa glider, which is awesome. https://www.makery.info/en/2016/11/08/il-a-realise-le-planeur-de-nausicaa/

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  • Thanks for that! – Saddamida Apr 8 at 2:30

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