In Death Note, Light picked up Rem's notebook after he/she died by writing L's name his/her the notebook

Does it mean that Light now knew L's real name?

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    The part of the answer that matters on SE was given by yourself, the rest is speculation. He had the means to learn the name. Did he read the names written by Rem? That's speculation territory. (But obviously, he did! Light would never give up on information.) – hajef Apr 14 at 12:32
  • It's likely that he did as he had access to the death note left by Rem, but whether he did learn it or not is not important to the rest of the story, nor it is officially revealed. – patty2904 Jun 13 at 20:33

He did not need so as the work was done by Rem itself. His goal as mentioned in the first chapter of the manga was just to kill/defeat L. In case you are wondering, his real name was Lawliet L as mentioned in the manga...

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