Why are the Uchiha able to control Biju or at least the nine tails?

Why was Hashirama able to do so?

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Well its due to the Sharingan, the sharingan is a direct derivative of the rinnegan which the Sage of Six Paths used to CREATE the 9 beasts, this is For most Uchiha

As for Hashirama, he didnt exactly control the 9 tails, he just put a restriction jutsu on it, restricting its movement, he does have a lot of jutsus, he also does have this beast restriction ability similar to Yamato, but to "Control" is a bit of a stretch


Doing separate answer since I also searched more details for this.

Per this link and also it's sources on related chapters/data, both Sharingan and Mokuton(Wood Style) are for controlling Bijus to different purposes.

For example, Madara using Sharingan(more like Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan) is hypnotising and controlling it, while Hashirama approach is sort of sealing(and subducing).

For later arcs, you could see that both Madara and Obito required Hashirama's cell for perfectly controlling all bijus and also ten tails. It can be considered that they are same level of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki to some extent(mainly Madara, after completing his set of Rinnegan). It's due to their chakra(and bloodline of Uchiha, and that of Indra's) and Hashirama's cell(and bloodline of Senju, and that of Asura's) are merging back to same origin close to Hagoromo.

But it was never stated about Asura being capable of subducing the tailed beasts. So we can assume it's due to learning and skills of Hashirama from Uzumaki clan, per the story. Plus his vast amount of chakra and Yang energy/manipulation would help as well.

So to summarise, before revival of Madara during 4th Ninja World War, Madara's approach with his EMS is hypnotising and using as instrument of destruction, and for Hashirama, it's more into sealing and subducing and not directly using like Madara.

And Hashirama as reincarnation of Asura and his learning from Uzumaki(not depicted how, but it was stated he learnt from them, either the clan or his wife, Mikoto) leads to his sealing and collection of Bijus(most were before his fight with Madara, and nine tails was initially like neutral entity, until Madara got his hands on Kurama. But that would be more fitting for different question).

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