The said silhouette

It's kinda blurry, and this one seems like a silhouette of 2 person (Shoya and Shoko?), with the other silhouette, that only shows 1 person (Shoya?) I'm really curious of what these silhouettes mean, and their importance to the movie. I've been looking on the internet, but found no information regarding this topic. Perhaps there aren't any specific or symbolic reason for that, or maybe they are created for aesthetic and bridging purposes, but still, I'm trying not to lose any detail about this movie. Thank you very much!

P.s. you can find these silhouettes early in the movie and in the last scene of the movie (where Shoya tears up in the school festival)

  • I saw the light leaking from the bran with holes. It may represent the emotional feelings of the main character ... It reminds me of the interpretation that it means focusing on Shoya and glass, the sense of peeping into the story of the two, and the image of hope. Director Naoko Yamada is characterized by the use of a telephoto lens to portray characters, and there are many such scenes. May 22 '20 at 3:18

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