So recently I just hook up this anime called Gate or Jieitai Kanochi nite and in the opening scene is very "fire" but I found that there's something kinda attracted me. It's the army rank. What are these rank called?


Those are ranks of the JSDF's Ground Self-Defense Force. These are the ranks of the member's of Itami's Third Recon Team, briefly shown in the first OP.

From Wikepedia:

  1. 陸士長 (Rikushichō) Leading Private enter image description here
  2. 3等陸曹 (Santō rikusō) Sergeant enter image description here
  3. 2等陸曹 (Nitō rikusō) Sergeant First Class enter image description here
  4. (left to right) 陸曹長 (Rikusōchō) Sergeant Major and 1等陸曹 (Ittō rikusō) Master Sergeant enter image description here enter image description here
  5. 2等陸尉 (Nitō rikui) First Lieutenant enter image description here
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  • Wasn't expecting the rank was based on the real JSDF @@ – kit May 6 at 13:11
  • 2
    @kit Apart from the isekai part of the story, everything else seems to be fairly accurate to their real-world counterparts. I liked the anime, too. Too bad there's no third season. – W. Are May 6 at 13:28

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