It plays right when All Might's Texas Smash is blocked, and when the final battle against Wolfram begins. It ends at 1:20:50 when Todoroki freezes Wolfram's attack. It's definitely not in the OST, I've searched everywhere.


I think its this song:
ミオヤマザキの『ノイズ』(English ver.)
ミオヤマザキの『NOISE』 (English ver.)
It was hard to tell the difference because of the fighting noises in the back as well.

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  • Sorry, this isn't the one. It has a dark theme to it, with a little kick of rock, and strong bass. If I wasn't clear, it plays when Wolfram is building up his behemoth of metal. – Tato Enderman May 23 at 20:14

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