I've used a popular streaming site for many years and now the Japanese government put a stop to it by taking down the site and pulling all content due to copyright claims.

Are there any legal free/paid anime streaming sites that would work in a similar way to Netflix/Viaplay?

  • Take note that most of legal streaming sites are geo-blocked due to licensing and rights, so it will depend on where you live.
    – Aki Tanaka
    Aug 15 '20 at 15:13
  • @AkiTanaka Well, I'm from Finland so I guess I would need some VPN or other way to bypass geo-blocking.
    – K4R1
    Aug 15 '20 at 20:07

If you're from SE Asia, try Muse Asia. They upload anime on Youtube and some have subtitles in other languages. It's free and legal.

Here's a direct link to their channel's playlist.

Also, check out this meta post for a list of legal sites to stream/watch anime: How can I tell if a site is Legal?


I just found out about another Youtube channel. Its called Ani-One. It's also free and legal. Check their playlist here.


I really like HIDIVE. It's an independent anime streaming company founded in 2017 that is partnered with Sentai Filmworks to distribute shows and movies licensed from Sentai.


Crunchyroll has a big selection and is available in 180+ countries, but quite a few anime can't be watched if you're outside of the US. I recommend installing the CR-Unblocker add-on to bypass this issue, if you're using Firefox. Otherwise you'd have to use a VPN. It's free with ads. Has a subscription model that removes ads and allows you to watch episodes that aired for less than a week.

Since you're from Finland, a good alternative is Wakanim. I haven't used it myself but it's worth looking into.

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