Most of the characters (at least up to episode 5, since I haven't gone any further) seem to have both class and subclass:

  • Akatsuki: Class - Assassin; Subclass - Tracker
  • Shiroe: Class - Enchanter; Subclass - Scribe
  • Nyanta: Class - Swashbuckler; Subclass - Chef
  • Serara: Class - Druid; Subclass - Maid

However, Naotsugu (whose Class is Guardian) appears to not have a Subclass.

From the Classes and the Subclasses page on Log Horizon Wiki, one can tell that once a player starts playing Elder Tale he has to choose a Class, which cannot be changed again. However, one also gathers that Subclasses, on the other hand, are changeable, but the site says nothing about whether or not a player is required to have one.

Does this mean that Subclasses are not required?
Or was Naotsugu's class just not yet revealed/unknown?

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    Naotsugu's subclass is 辺境巡視 (Border Patrol/Frontier Guard).
    – кяαzєя
    Nov 25, 2013 at 19:59
  • Is that revealed later on the Anime? Or on the Novel or Manga?
    – JNat
    Nov 25, 2013 at 20:30
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    It is mentioned in the web novel at least.
    – кяαzєя
    Nov 25, 2013 at 20:53

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The wiki page you referenced for Naotsugu has been updated saying that he has the Border Patrol Subclass.

On a side note if Elder Tale is anything like most MMORPGs a subclass is not chosen until you have gained a couple levels and there is no advantage for not having one. So it would make sense that most players would pick a subclass to start leveling it right away.

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