All humans in Narutoverse have chakra and that anyone can be a shinobi if anyone is able to use and manipulate chakra to a greater effect.

I always thought that everyone born are admitted in the academy and there, they learn how to use their chakra and rise through the ranks and become a ninja similar to schools and education in real life. The Academy students were trained and prepared for life as a shinobi. Is this true? Is it mandatory for all humans in Narutoverse to admit in the academy and be a ninja?

We see quite some non-shinobi professions, for e.g.Teuchi becoming a Ramen chef. Just like my above assumption, did he once admitted in the academy in the childhood but choose to become a ramen chef?

Is it mandatory to for all to take admission in the academy and learn the basic elementary jutsus and experience the initial life of a ninja before becoming something else?


It's voluntary some families seemed to push their kids into being Shinobi having had certain powers passed down through their bloodline which lead them to being conduits for Government officials and the mass majority seem to want to join the academy because it's a prerequisite to becoming Shinobi which are highly respected and centre of all awe.

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