If the Gedo Mazo is the emptied body of the Ten-Tails, then why don't any of its forms look like that?

I have a theory as to why it doesn't have tails, maybe because its chakra was split into the Tailed Beasts and hence it lost its tails. But it still doesn't explain why none of the forms look like that considering that the Gedo Mazo is the way the body looked when Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, the Sage of the Six Paths, sealed its empty body inside the moon with Chibaku Tensei (Planetary Devastation).

Any ideas as to why this might be?

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The Gedo Mazo is just a recipient. The body of Ten Tails is on the moon, Rikudou sent his body there.

I think Madara and Obito plans to take the chakra of the Juubi in the Gedo Mazo, the recipient, and put it back into the real body of Ten tails.

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  • I think it is more likely than not to be a creation of shodai hokage. For one thing it is made of wood and shodai controls mokuton.
    – arthur
    Dec 20, 2013 at 19:24
  • More importantly, gedo mazo is seated on a lotus that emanates from a clone of shodai hokage with multiple arms. If you know Hindu mythology, you would know that Brahma is generally depicted seated on a lotus and that he is the creator god. However, Brahma was born out of the lotus that emanated from Vishnu and Vishnu is always depicted with four arms.
    – arthur
    Dec 20, 2013 at 19:25
  • Now, gedo mazo is the source from which the white Zetsu were created and it is seated on a lotus that emanates from shodai's clone. That shodai clone has multiple arms. Put the two together and you have that gedo mazo is modeled after brahma, the god of creation while shodai hokage is modeled after Vishnu, the god with multiple arms.However, gedo mazo emanated from shodai hokage.It has no tails because the tails signify power, and Juubi lost all its chakra, so it's only natural that it lost its tails. Hachibi also lost tails when Killer Bee fought Sasuke, they can grow back if you have chakra.
    – arthur
    Dec 20, 2013 at 19:27
  • With Juubi, it lost all its power and thus all its tails. If you look at the picture of Juubi standing on the lotus, you can see that its trying to grow its tails back but with all the chakra that's pulled out of it by the lotus to grow the Zetsu Army, it can't.
    – arthur
    Dec 20, 2013 at 19:28

The gedo statue doesn't possess any tails because it serves as a "husk" or vessel for all the tailed beasts to reform into their original entity: the Ten Tails. Instead of tails, the gedo statue possesses 9 featureless white eyes that gain pupils for each tailed beast the statue reassimilates. This would make sense since the ten tails eye possesses 9 tomoe that could symbolize each tailed beast assimilated in its base form's eyes.

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