My Japanese language study group often complains about the original Japanese in anime being too difficult to understand on the grounds of it being spoken too fast or something. I was wondering whether the original Japanese-language scripts for a given anime (say, Toradora) can be downloaded. From this a vocabulary list could be prepared.

If I want to see the script for Kill Bill, it's here:


and The Outlaw Josie Wales is here:

https://www.scripts.com/script/the_outlaw_josey_wales_15436 (suboptimal, however)

Would anything like this exist for anime? Nothing promising searching for とらドラ脚本


I found the following searching for "learn japanese from anime".


This describes, well, a similar learning method, where one can do things with a subtitle file (if available).

From there I found a link to


which has a reasonable selection of material.

Lastly, there is always text ripping using https://ytmp3.cc/en13/ then https://convertspeech.com/processing.php (Disclosure: nothing to do with either of these, just tried them once) You only get three free conversions (which I suppose can be subverted with multiple computers or multiple IP adresses). It gets some things wrong and the reading level is not that good, but it's infinitely better than nothing.

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