During the Fourth Great Ninja War, the army of White Zetsus were a major problem because they could perfectly replicate people they'd touched, such that the Byakugan and other sensory abilities could not distinguish them. The solution to this problem was Naruto using his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, which allowed him to sense the hatred and anger of the Zetsu.

However, this doesn't make sense to me. White Zetsu behaves like a child a lot of the time. For instance, chatting easily about poop and having a rather carefree attitude, sometimes even whilst in the midst of battle (during the Kage summit, for instance). Does White Zetsu really harbor such negative emotions that it would allow Naruto to distinguish him from his own allies, who, being adults in the midst of a brutal war, would undoubtedly be harboring just as serious negative emotions? What I'm trying to get at, is I believe that the Shinobi Allied Forces hate White Zetsu, but I don't see any compelling reason to suspect White Zetsu hates them. Of course, It's entirely possible I've misunderstood something or overlooked something.

So, my question is this: is there something I'm missing here, either with regard to White Zetsu's emotional state or to Naruto's powers? Are there any specific instances where White Zetsu's negative emotions are apparent?


This question in a way has a mixed answer.

According to the wiki:

White Zetsu was created after Kaguya ate the chakra fruit from the god tree and used her new powers to stop a war by taking the people there and using the Infinite Tsukyomi technique to slowly transform them into White Zetsu.

Most of the White Zetsu that appeared in the war were ones that were created due to Kaguya casting Infinite Tsukuyomi upon the populace. This jutsu enslaves people in their dreams and slowly turns them into the jutsu casters pawns/soldiers (White Zetsu). Naruto would be able to use his sensory abilities to identify whether friend or foe because I don't think White Zetsu can mimic emotions, only looks, chakra structure, etc. There are many other ways to figure out whether friend or foe, as when Sakura tricked fake Neji by saying Tonton, a pig, can use hand signs.

However, not all of the White Zetsu in the war were people created from Infinite Tsukuyomi. Some of them were created by Madara, which were said to be incarnations of his will. Due to this, all the Madara-created Zetsu would feel some sort of hatred to those interfering with project Tsuki no Me (the entire Allied Shinobi Force), thus making Naruto able to sense them. Naruto is also able to track peoples chakra signature using the same ability.

Due to White Zetsu not being able to copy emotions, Naruto's ability would be able to identify them based off how he senses their emotions.


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