Ymir jaw titan looks rachitic, when Galliard jaw titan looks bulky.

Ymir jaw titan

enter image description here

Galliard jaw titan

enter image description here

I didnt even recognize the jaw titan when I saw it in the last season of the anime. Why is this so? Is there any explanation in the manga or in any sourcebook why Ymir jaw titan and Galliard jaw titan look so different?


Marley nation modifies their titan shifters so they can harden their body. This is mentioned in chapter 95 page 21

That’s why Ymir’s titan form is different from Marcel or Porco. Ymir was an ordinary girl who didn't train in the military like Reiner or Annie.


I believe that it has something to do with the look of the titan holder, for example, Grisha's Attack titan had a beard, while Erens does not. Yamir has a very small jaw while Marcel or Porco has more pronounced jaws than Yamir.


Galliard was probably injected with hardening ability, similar way Eren was injected with his hardening ability. And like Pablo mentioned, Ymir was very "Raw" titan. She didn't inject any abilities.

Also, two people possessing the same titan power can look very differently - for example, Grisha was super-hairy in his titan form while Eren has "elfen ears", and I don't think there's any specific reason for it.

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