I'm asking this question because in my mind, if all the Subjects of Ymir came from the same 2 people, then all of their descendants should have Royal Blood and should be able to use the power of the Founding Titan (such as Eren Yeager).

  • It hasn't been clearly stated, but it seems the different titan powers actually kept being passed in different families. So it can likely be said that the family in which the founding titans kept being passed on. And the Fritz bloodline always had it, so ALL descendents in this family are royal bloodline, and so was Dina Fritz too. For before the 145th king, it's not necessary that the family then should have like a lot descending Directly from the family that had the founding, when you count in that royal bloodlines preferred keeping there blood 'pure' by incest etc though this is not imprtnt – AdiG15 Jan 26 at 11:51
  • *regarding different families having the titans, when mentioning the Great Titan War, Tyber did mention that the "families" having the tjtans were the ones in conflict there. War hammer and Founding remained in there original families. Rest titan powers got 'stealed'. – AdiG15 Jan 26 at 11:53

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