After finding out about Megiculas curse on Lolopechka, I am still very surprised that Asta never tried to nullify it with anti-magic. After all, curses are just spells with lingering effects, and it's been shown that the demon destroyer blade that Asta possesses is capable of absorbing and nullifying magic, even the ones with long lasting effects.

So how come he's not tried to dispel the curse, especially since it chirping off her life force drastically?

  • Remeber Asta could't undo the curse placed on his hands and needed the assitancee of witch queen. – Ch.Siva Ram Kishore Jan 15 at 3:49
  • nah that's stale @Ch.SivaRamKishore, the witches forest arc was soooooo long ago, Asta met lolopechka way after that. – Rumpelstiltskin Jan 15 at 6:24
  • It probably doesn't work like that. A curse isn't palpable magic like most of the spells that Asta nullifies in combat so for him to nullify a curse would require to know human anatomy and curse history, stuff like that to identify where the curse resides in the body and how complex it is. But anything goes, he could very well be able to nullify anything. – RigaCrypto Jan 19 at 10:36

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