I noticed some unusual honorifics used in the Shokugeki no Soma anime series:

  • Yuki Yoshino tends to use "-cchi", as in "Erinacchi" or "Takumicchi"
  • Terunori Kuga tends to use "-chin", as in "Yukihira-chin"
  • Momo Akanegakubo tends to use "-nyan" or "-myan"

Akanegakubo's usage was described as a personal affectation to describe people that were cute (and also to look down on them a bit), but are the first two actual regional usages or due to a personal style/usage of the speaker?


Those are not honorifics per say, they are suffix you can add to make nicknames, same as -chan. And they are certainly not limited to a prefecture, aka, they’re not from a dialect.

  • Please include relevant sources/references to support your answer. – W. Are Jan 27 at 0:56

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