How did Kaguya Defeat Jigen/Isshiki? They say that Isshiki is one of the most powerful of his clan. How did Kaguya beat him?


It's not confirmed exactly how he got defeated just yet. And please correct me if I am wrong, but according to Amado, Isshiki dropped his guard and got attacked suddenly. Also, we don't know if he is one of the most powerful in the Otsutsuki Clan, but out of all revealed members, I say he is THE most powerful, I mean, even Naruto and Sasuke had a hard time against him, as Jigen too.

  • When Kaguya defeated Isshiki, Isshiki was almost DEAD So he had to go to another body nearby to hide which sadly was Jigen a Novice monk Who happened to be nearby and He kinda Took over Jigen but not like with the karma seal just because he was in his brain. So After some time, he put a karma seal on Jigen's chin Later (I don't know what he did) but He actually reincarnated as Jigen using Jigen as his vessel. Feb 17 at 20:02

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