I have seen this mentioned in some anime reporting. It sounds like an anime forum or a magazine, but strangely I can't find any information on it.

The wrap-around jacket band on the seventh volume of Sui Ishida's Tokyo Ghoul:re manga announced on Thursday that Ishida's original Tokyo Ghoul manga will get a live-action film. (source)

The wrap-around jacket band on the sixth compiled volume of Kohske's Gangsta. manga is announcing on Wednesday that an anime adaptation has been green-lit. (source)

The news broke to fans on the wrap-around jacket band of the most recent tankobon manga volume released today in Japan. (source)


It is an obi, which is also known as

a strip of paper looped around a book or other product.

As Wikipedia continues to mention,

Many books in Japan are supplied with an obi, which is normally added outside any dust jacket. [...]

In English, the term belly-band is sometimes used instead.

The following image is the obi on Tokyo Ghoul:re volume 7.

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