I know L said Light was his first friend but did he mean it? Yes we know L is a liar and knew Light was Kira the whole time but what if, during the time Light lost his memories, L thought of Light as a genuine friend. It’s all very confusing to me still so can someone answer?


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Apparently, no.

So here's the thing, the author of Death Note, Tsugumi Ohba put little notes and other trivia in Death Note 13: How to Read. And some even asked if L was genuine about him being friends with Kira. To which he answered "No" as L was lying to catch Kira.

From page 64 of the English translation:

L Has No Friends?

Nope. And when he says that Light is his first friend that's a big lie. He never considers him a friend. He probably secretly thinks really negative things about him.


I would say Yes. L considered him as a friend because they had a lot of coherence as compared to the other characters even if he had a strong suspicion on Light being KIRA.

Also, to the "What if part" : he was never 100 % sure, but had a strong suspicion on Light.


L did have emotions but Light not.

L really considered Light as a friend, but at the same time was sure that Light was Kira. We can see that when L was dying (ep. 25), L was regretting that he is sure that Light is Kira, but has no way to prove it. So he still showed gratitude to Kira, and wiped his feet.

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