On the wiki page for the second compilation film of the anime, it says that the extended addition includes extra scenes. Are these extra scenes canon to the tv show, or are the movie compilations in a separate canon? I'm a completion-ist, and I've watched all the OVAs, and listened to the CD dramas. If there are extra scenes in the movies that are canon to the show, I'd like to see them. Also, are there only extra scenes in the second film? The wiki for the first doesn't mention any extra scenes.

Here's the source where it says there are extra scenes: https://attackontitan.fandom.com/wiki/Attack_on_Titan_Part_2:_Jiyuu_no_Tsubasa#Production_information

To clarify, I'm not talking about the live actions films, I'm talking about the anime compilation films that were released.

Thank you!

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