I came across this manga by accident and I can't remember what it was called.

The main character is a teenage girl, who lost her memories from when she was young. I'm not sure but I think her last name was Mochizuki, though it might have been one of her friends who had that name.

  • I think she has a male friend who carries a sword with him.
  • She makes friends with a blonde girl in her class who kisses her in class, apparently thinking that it might bring back some of the black haired girl's memories.
  • The blonde girl has a twin brother who also kissed the black haired girl for the same reason, hoping that she will regain some of her memories.

I know it's not very detailed but anything you can think of that matches this description would be helpful.

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I believe it is called Otome x Ranbu

Otome x Ranbu Cover

She is your stereotypical airhead school girl, with one exception, she has amnesia. She recently transferred into a new school where things work different, mainly magic. She is Mochiduki Tsubomi, and she doesn’t remember anything before she transferred. Enter yet another transfer student – the beautiful yet arrogant bishojo, Izayoi Yukiji. She’s after Tsubomi, but why? What does Yukiji want? What mystery does Tsubomi hold?


I've been looking for this exact story as well.Well some of what you said was like the one I was looking for. It's called Tail of the moon. Check it out.


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