This question is basically an extension of this question, in which it's mentioned that a devil fruit user can't use Haki because he/she gets weak due to seastone, but seastone shouldn't have any affect on Non-Devil fruit user. So can they use Haki while they are in contact of seastone? Like Zoro and Ussop did during Water 7 arc.


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https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Silvers_Rayleigh is a good example! In his introduction, he does something like that already.

In the latest Wano arc, we see Luffy does something like Rayleigh(breaks seastone cuffs)

I agree to the point that https://anime.stackexchange.com/a/53266/53844, overtime people can build stamina to resist seastone cuffs and also seastone cuffs effect might vary unlike sea


They can use it. Reason is seastone only nullifies devil fruit powers. Haki is a whole different kind of power.

For evidence you can look up Wano Arc.


Yes, they can. There isn't very direct proof though, but the much we have, it says, no dfs are fine and can use haki. Although I am not use about breaking them using haki... Seastones are very durable. Probably it required advanced haki to break them!!

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