In One Piece, is Ace able to hear the voice of all things?

I'm asking this question because Gol D. Roger was able to hear the voice of all things and ace is gol.d roger son.And he was able to hear the voice of all things like kokuki oden is showed in episode 969 when he and oden was annoyed

  • Could you elaborate a bit as to why you believe Ace could potentially hear the voice of all things because Gol D. Roger can? – Dimitri mx Apr 11 at 17:56
  • AND Ace is gol.d roger son so :/ – Aidan Apr 12 at 14:07

No, or Not Revealed Yet Actually!

"Voice Of All Things" is even rare than Conqueror Haki. I don't think Ace have that. Especially since it's no way connected biologically.

Even though Oden and Momo both have that, but the prediction momo being a Ancient Weapon completely change this topic.

Or, the question would stand, How Luffy Did Got That?

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