Did he figure out Myulan was a Majin or something of that sort? This is season two close to the midway point.


Well about that those races of dragonewt's can sense powers if they focused on they're surroundings so he just found that there was a majin and was thinking maybe that she might be related to the other majin's in the vincity and he saw her confused but not as a threat that would destroy the magic in the surrounding.

For example take the dragonewts leader's sister she wanted to join as an assassin with a majin.

So they might be used to they're vibe and saw her with the same vibe.

  • "those races of dragonewt's can sense powers" - Is that based on the novel or fantasy in general?
    – David Hobs
    Apr 19 at 14:52
  • 1
    @DavidHobs based on the novel actually they have these extra powers which is link mentioned here you can refer this Apr 19 at 17:33

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