I watched DC and I always had a question: how did Conan enter primary school without any official papers or birth certificate?

Did they ever try to justify this part? For example faking documents, or enrolling exceptionally in an unofficial way.

  • Why would one need official papers to be admitted to a school? Seems like unnecessary overhead. Also, what kind of official papers would someone that age have, other then the birth certificate? Which is something that could reasonably be in the hands of his parents, who were explained to be overseas. – Ocean Apr 26 at 13:23
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    "Why would one need official papers to be admitted to a school?" whaaaat!? any school in the countries where I lived/live, would ask for parents ID + child birth certificate, without these documents you just can't get into school. isn't that the case in Japan? – user206904 Apr 26 at 13:34
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    And if the kid were to be sent to school by someone else other than his parents, this someone else needs to present official papers of custody by the parents of the child. – user206904 Apr 26 at 14:13
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    They never even bothered to explain how smartphones were a thing in 1996. Or how Conan can celebrate twenty new years without aging. But yeah, I find nothing strange about Conan and Haibara enrolling without having any documentation, other then their current place of residence. If they were born overseas no one would bother checking anyway. – Ocean Apr 26 at 14:34
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    Conan does get papers down the line to travel around. As birth certificates can literally go up in smokes, it's also not surprising for there to be methods to enter the system after all your documentation is gone. Unlike it used to the case back in the days. There's a movie about this called "The Captain from Köpenick" about someone forced into crime, since he can't get work without papers, but to get papers he needs to have proof that he works in the country. – Ocean Apr 26 at 14:43

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