Spoilers for Part 6.

In the final chapter of Jail House Lock arc (Chapter 695):

Emporio needed to print out a picture for Jolyne.

He didn't have a printer so he "calculated" it in binary system.

Jolyne took this and...

...printed out the picture using her stand.

Let's say that the input he gave Jolyne was about 150 bits and the output picture's resolution was about 50x30 bits ¹. We can assume he had access to programs that allowed him to downscale and encode the picture. What about Jolyne? Her stand quickly decoded the image without using any program.

The question is:

How did Emporio encode a 50x30 binary picture into 150 bits in a way that still allowed Jolyne to decode it during an active fight?

1: Pictures:

Emporio holding the encoded picture Jolyne's decoded picture

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