In Crayon Shinchan, there is an episode in which Shinchan and his sister, Himawari, play a board game. I remember Himawari uses big dice to play by flipping herself. In the end, Shinchan loses, and then he plays again with Shiro, his dog.

I want to know the season number and if possible, the episode number.

I can’t find proper organised listing of episodes anywhere like Wikipedia, anime list, fandom wiki, etc. In Wikipedia, half of the episode names are only in Japanese (which I don’t know).


You can find an organized list at wikipedia: List of Crayon Shin-chan episodes

Judging by the mention of the big dice I assume you are looking for episode SPECIAL 16c (japanese episode numbering) with the title of

"Hey, This Game... Is True To Life!"
すごろく勝負で盛り上がるゾ (Sugo ro ku shōbu de moriagaru zo)

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