In chapter 43 of Chainsaw Man manga, Reze sings this song while strangling a man:

день моего свидания с джейн
все готово
Утоом мы пойдем вместе а церковь
Мы будем пить кофе и есть омлеты в кафе
После того как мы прогуляемся в парке
Мы пойдем в аквариум и увиде любимых Джейн, дельфинов и пингвинов
Посло обода мы отдохнем
итак, что мы сделали утром
Мы будем говорить об этом пока не вспомним
Мы не вспомним
И ночью мы будем спать в церкви

I don't know Russian so I used Google Translate:

the day of my date with jane
all is ready
Utoom we will go together to the church
We'll drink coffee and eat omelettes in the cafe
After we take a walk in the park
We will go to the aquarium and see Jane's favorite dolphins and penguins

There are two mentions of джейн (Jane) but I don't recall any Janes from the manga. Fandom Wiki doesn't help either. Denji sounds similar but she wouldn't sing this for Denji as she doesn't have any feelings for him, which makes me wonder.

Does this song actually exist?


The Russian song does not seem to really exist.

However, according to some Japanese fans, the most popular theory is that the song resembles Betty Neels' romance novel Dearest Mary Jane (also known as 二人のティータイム / Tea Time for Two in Japan).

The story is about the protagonist Mary Jane and her sister Felicity both meeting and falling in love with a surgeon, Sir Thomas Latimer.

This coincides with the composition of Reze and Makima's fight for Pochita and Denji's attraction to them. Also, Jane, who runs the cafe, might be Reze, and Felicity, who is blessed with good looks, might be Makima.

References (all in Japanese):


I'm from Russia and I've never heard of this one, also google did not bring me any answers, so it doesn't exist. ( besides, it is quite intriguing why did the author composed a song in Russian)

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