In the show Detective Conan, the main character starts as a "high school detective" who shrinks down to become a child. In the series, there are mentions of other high school detectives as well, such as Heiji Hattori.

I can see how the pill explains how the character became a child, but can't understand how it is at all normal he started as a high schooler who was a famous detective. I never saw any explanation for how he became famous for solving crime before he shrunk. It would have made more sense to me if a world famous detective in his 50's became shrunk down as a child, not a world famous high schooler detective, as no high schooler would be allowed to help the police. My question, is "high school detective" a phenomenon/concept that already existed in Japanese culture before the series existed? In other words, are there actually real high school detectives? And would they actually become famous for solving cases?


Short answer: No. It is totally fictional.

Technically, no license is required to become a detective (探偵) in Japan, so it is possible for a teenager to become a detective. I doubt there are actually such young detectives, but even if there were, it is very unlikely that they collaborate with real police or any official governmental body.


Its fictional, Shinichi/Heiji and other high school detectives are murder magnets, and automatically happen to come where cases happen. They solve it and get fame easily. In real life this Dosen't happen!

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